Thursday, September 01, 2011

Dance class or Lamaze class?

Hmmm - I know Lamaze is the the most recognized name in childbirth education....but not sure how I feel about this ad as a pregnancy prevention message?  Your thoughts?


  1. It's an apples and oranges. I have taken your certification and the Dancing for Birth Certification and intend to finish both.
    I am a kinesthetic learner, I like movement it calms me. The optimizing of fetal position through proactive movement anecdotal reporting made me stand up and take notice. I think everyone moving together creates more of a community on a subconscious level. There is less inhibition as it is women with women. It gives me something to do, practiced regularly, to do during pregnancy, labor and postpartum that is joyful and just feels plain good. It feels safe.
    Lamaze is the gold standard. Men/partners need to be involved. But there are ancient stirrings in a group of women moving together toward a common goal, birth of Motherbaby.

  2. Hi Kerri,
    I think you missed the is not asking which is better for birth, but rather would a teen rather be doing "teen" stuff or "mother" stuff, as a means to get the message across that life changes when you have a baby, so be careful with sex.

    Terri, I don't see a problem with the use of the Lamaze name in this context, since it isn't slanderous. There is no value statement being made against Lamaze---more like a value statement that teens should not have to consider choices for motherhood yet.

  3. Yep, I missed the point! Hmm, am I suffering from skimmer's disease?!

  4. I agree with Audrey. Lamaze is a fun class when you are ready for it. Hopefully this message gets teens to think about what they would rather be doing with their time.

  5. I am surprised that Lamaze allowed the use of it's brand in this negative context. It's not supposed to be birth control after all.