Saturday, June 18, 2011

Speed dating for your OB

 Is this happening in your area?  OB Speed dating

A pregnant woman can sign up and meet no fewer than 10 doctors and have a 5 minute interview with each  Reactions have been varied from "this is a great idea" to wondering why there is a need for this marketing push - is the birth rate decline having an impact? And a few clever comments were shared re: will they meet everyone in a practice so they know they are choosing someone that has less than a 15% chance of being at their birth to at least they will get use to only having 5 minutes for their typical appointments.  One person discussed that it's more than what a lot of women do - many just check to see if the practice  takes their insurance and are available. 

And then there was a dislike for the use of dating in the title of the event.  I know a lot of doulas do a social "meet and greet" which is a bit different than a structured speed dating scenario. 

What are your thoughts? 

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