Thursday, June 16, 2011

A headline that grabbed my attention

 Pregnant women show an amazing lack of knowledge about childbirth options, study shows.

This headline is based on a new study in JOGC . Read the abstract from the JOGC.  The story in the LA times  with the headline also includes:   

Fewer than 30% of the women, all first-time mothers, said they had attended prenatal childbirth classes. Many said they used the Internet or books to become informed about childbirth. Still, a shockingly high number could not answer basic questions regarding the pros, cons or safety issues associated with epidurals, episiotomies, Cesareans and other childbirth options. The women who were receiving obstetrical care from midwives tended to be more informed about their options compared with women receiving care from a medical doctor.

Also notable: 18 % were planning to hire a doula.   However when you read the abstract it is noted that 1/2 were in their first and second trimester.....which means the claim that fewer than 30% had taken classes misses the important fact that most women take classes in the 3rd trimester,  So that number is NOT reflective of how many take classes.  

What are your thoughts? Read a great article by Robin Weiss at to see her perspective on why people may not be learning about options in their childbirth classes. 

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