Monday, May 09, 2011

Preparing parents for false positives.

As I was sitting here wondering if I should post the link of Saturday Night Live parody on childbirth classes/wild birth when I noticed this article on MSNBC:

Newborn panels can save lives, but about 200,000 a year aren't accurate, experts say

And as I read the reality that the newborn screening panel varies from state to state and the reporting of false positives vary widely between states, what can we as childbirth educators do to minimize the trauma of the false positives that people will have in our classes while others will benefit from having a condition identified early in a newborn's life?   
I am thinking it would be effective to share the reality and help them to identify support they can lean on during the "limbo" time when the positive screen is confirmed/changed.  And hopefully we have all covered the difference between screening tests and diagnostic tests during pregnancy and build on that knowledge.  Ahh, the challenges.

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  1. Veronica9:28 AM

    So, this test was discussed recently in one of my classes. It turns out, from what we could tell from the industry's own website, I love in the state that tests the most (and, perhaps, it's no coincidence, we also have the most test processing facilities--or at least the company is based here). I wonder how accurate it ends up being...hmm. It's a nuanced discussion, just like you say. Unfortunately, today on Facebook this article is being posted as an "Aha! I knew I shouldn't do it." Oy.