Sunday, May 01, 2011

Applause for Veronica

 I have been so fortunate to co-facilitate the Lamaze Breastfeeding Specialist workshops with an amazing facilitator, Veronica Schaedler.  I have just returned from Lincoln, Nebraska where once again we paired up and spent two long and intense days with 36 women who are on a mission to support the breastfeeding dyad and their families.  

Our trek to Lincoln has become an every 18 month tradition due to the wonderful organizing skills of Jan Madsen at St. Elizabeth's Hospital.  There is no one who is a better host or workshop sponsor!

Veronica arrived a little late on the morning of day 1 because the night before she was honored at a special awards ceremony in Texas - The Great 100 Nurses 

The mission of the Great 100, since 1990, is to recognize professional Registered Nurses for their contributions to the communities in which they live and practice both the art and science of nursing. The Great 100 recognizes 100 professional RNs each year that have been nominated by their peers, practice sites, families and patients entrusted to their care

Veronica - you are so deserving of this award - we wish we could have been in the audience to give a standing ovation!  (But someone had to be at the workshop)  

The babies and mothers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital at Plano and the Lactation consultants on your team are so lucky to have you! 

If anyone wants to have Veronica and I come to your neighborhood to facilitate this workshop, send us an email!  We come with silver nipples,  the apple latch, lactation Bingo, Breastfeed Ya Baby rap and more gizmos and glitter than you can imagine. 

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