Sunday, February 27, 2011

Packing the goodie bag

A common CB class task is to pack the infamous "Goody bag".  Some educators just hand out a list, some share what's in their own labor support bag (if they are a doula), others turn it into a problem-solving exercise and others have them bring their bags to the labor simulation exercise towards the end of class. 

My preference is to have a problem solving exercise and also use it in the simulation - the ol' spiral your info!  

In one of my blog searches for what people in cb class write about, I enjoyed this list:

For Jeff's homework, he had to pack a "Goody Bag" to take to the hospital with us. His job was to fill it with things to comfort and help me during labor. He packed:
* an empty Starbucks cup - he knows how much I love their water (and ice) and that I'll need to stay super hydrated during labor, so his plan is to bring water with us on the way
* How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days DVD - perhaps not this specific movie, but we plan to watch a video together during early labor (I'll take whatever endorphins I can get!), and he figured it would probably be a chick flick/romantic comedy
* a photo of my friend, and massage therapist, Amy - she taught Jeff some moves at my last massage, and how to be more relaxed, but she may even come to massage me during early labor
* a bottle of NuFinish - only the BEST smell, ever. Technically, it's car wax, and probably contains Xylene, but Sue said it would be OK to smell a little bit of it here and there during labor (sense of smell is incredibly important during labor; smelling well-liked things will help... we'll see if Jeff actually lets me have it, though)
* an ultrasound photo of Maura - sometimes women forget why they're doing what they're doing while in great pain/discomfort. A reminder of my sweet baby girl will be good motivation to JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS

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