Sunday, January 02, 2011

Does she need a class?

Featuring consumers' posts about cb classes

As I was doing my regular routine of reading various blog posts from women who are pregnant, I
decided to share this comment.... does your community have other options than evenings and weekends?  And how does your marketing address that just maybe she might learn something from your program?

I guess I am just feeling lazy. The hospital I plan to deliver at offers child birth classes only in the evenings and on weekends. My husband works 2nd shift, and I work some weekends, so there really isn’t any class we could go to together.
I’ve read every website on child birth, read every book, been on a hospital tour, watched 100 videos of child birth. I have no questions, no concerns, and no real fears about the pain part of birth. A child birth class isn’t going to calm my fears about the baby’s health.
Is there actually an advantages to taking a child birth class? I’m due in less than 2 months, and I can think of a lot better uses for the time and money. Would a class really help at all?

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