Sunday, December 12, 2010

Report from the blog world: uncomfortable!

Weekly, I try to highlight some of the comments I read on blogs written by people who are attending childbirth classes.  This provides a unique insight! 

BLOG POST 1 by a partner:
The chair you sit in at this class really isn't the most comfortable in the world either. when its over with my rear end is so sore its hard to stand up, along with my back killing me as well.
If I hurt that bad afterward I can't even imagine how Sarah and all the other pregnant women there feel.

BLOG POST 2 by a partner
I was not really looking forward to sitting and lying on the floor for a long period of time so I decided to take our beach chairs. The Mrs didn't want me to take hers but I took them anyway. She wanted it as soon as we got to the class. If I had taken one I would have been on the floor. It even inspired others in the class to bring their own the next day. 

 Often times the environment where childbirth classes is less than ideal.  Space is so hard to reserve that often CBEs are happy just to have a roof and four walls and a floor.  There are a lot of comments on blogs about the environment.  The recent comments about the chairs reminded me of one teaching space that was designed for childbirth education classes!  This is from St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Passioneer Jan Madsen is the coordinator of the Perinatal Program there.  Everyone who takes their classes there knows that their comfort and safety are #1.  Recliners, gliders and even a large super sac  

What would bloggers say about their comfort in your teaching space? 

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