Friday, October 15, 2010

There is a new Lamaze trainer, hopefully starting a program in Wisconsin. I found her blog about family life Sunflower Hill Farm and was intrigued by a post and a YouTube clip on "hooping".   I felt it was inspirational and liked the theme song "I can be."  The words are very appropriate to life or how women I watched and jotted expressions, this is what I captured on paper:
then try again....and again
try it slowly.....even if it barely counts
Watch for hesitation....just keep going
Document....even if you never plan to share
Stretch your limits
Seize the moment....celebrate success
Get tangled up
Stop and breathe
Stay creative....remove distractions
Challenge yourself
Accept the uncomfortable
Try not to judge yourself
Find balance...take risks
Play and love the process

1 comment:

  1. My daughter just called me silly for crying while I was watching that video! She said it was cool and funny and nothing to cry about. ;) I think it's kinda silly too, but it moved me. It's so hard to see that end result sometimes isn't it? Try it slowly, even if it barely counts...Think I might write that one down. :)