Monday, October 25, 2010

Have you seen anyone in my robe or toolbelt?

 I have recently returned from my home away from home - Australia.  I was speaking at the NACE (National Association fo Childbirth Educators) conference in Brisbane.  What an amazing group of women!  The conference had so many incredible touches!  You know how I love themes... from the beach bag conference bags to the flip flop memory sticks to the wild dancing to the old favs while we were all dressed in our beach garb! 

I was touched by the talk from the OB who regular volunteers her time at fistula clinics around the world.  I had a blast with my housemates in a typical Queenslanders cottage - they even taught me how to suck TimTams. The conference committee includes some of my favorite friends in the world.  I also had time to catch up with my dear friend/mentor Jan Cornfoot from CAPERS
But getting there and back was less than fun (although I did catch up on my drama/romance movies.)  But I did NOT like stopping in Santa Rosa on the section from LAX to Seattle for mechanical difficulties. And, the hardest part is they have lost one of my suitcases!  Not my clothes which would have been easier to replace but the one with all my teaching props and gadgets and gizmos.  AARRGGH. 

So if you see anyone in my labor support toolbelt or postpartum robe, let me know! 

I'll also post some of the "fun" pictures from the conference later.


  1. I am so happy to be reading your blog again :).

  2. I do hope those items show up. If anyone opened the suitcase and looked in, I'm sure they'd be glad to return it! Crossing my fingers for you.