Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting their attention can be a challenge

All right, I have spent way too much time on airplanes listening to the safety briefing. I try to be polite and pretend to listen but the talk never engages me. On line I have watched the dancing flight attendants and think that maybe that would grab my attention. But I was reading a blog that highlighted this YouTube clip and I actually watched the whole thing and I am NOT even on a plane!
How does this relate to childbirth education? I feel it's further proof that we have to be engaging, fun and a little unpredictable. Otherwise their attention will just drift away like most of us do during normal airplane safety talks.

So what is something "fun" you will add to your next cb class?

PS They still haven't found my suitcase.....


  1. Allll-riiight! Now THAT is an in-flight announcement I would watch again and again. Go Betty!

  2. that was too cute!! did epidural bag last night for medication/Cesarean section class- it was a hoot!! the dads were all cheering the 'dad-patient' on!!
    sure do hope they find your suitcase! know you have LTOS of wonderful treasures in it! can you imagine the surprise someone might get if they accidentally picked yours up?
    Special thoughts of you, dear friend. hope to see you again soon.