Monday, April 26, 2010

A new book is ready to be on your bookshelf..

PfB trainer and friend Robin Weiss has done it again! She has written a new book that was home waiting for me when I got back from Mexico. I haven't even had time to do the laundry from the trip. So I have only let myself have a quick look at her book - but at first glance, it's great - I will be doing a longer review later!

But I have no hesitancy recommending that you pre-order your copy today....

Robin is such an amazing writer - it seems like she writes a book in the time it takes me to write a long email or blog post. Congrats to Robin on book # 12 (I think...don't quote me) She also had The Better Way to Care for Your Baby: A week-by-week Illustrated Companion for Parenting and Protecting Your Child Using the Latest and Safest Techniques release last month.

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