Friday, April 09, 2010

Brain based learning environment

So often childbirth educators are begging for space and "making do." I found this list interesting and encourage you to make it a checklist to see how you have accomplished making your teaching environment brain based. I encourage you to read the entire article
Brain-Based Environment

"In a brain-based learning environment, the following elements are present:

* Trainee differences are recognized or addressed.
* Stimulating background music is playing upon entry.
* Colorful handouts are neatly arranged on tables before learners enter.
* Colorful posters and images are displayed.
* Natural or full spectrum lighting is used.
* Upbeat, open, outgoing trainer(s) facilitate learning.
* Plenty of constructive feedback is given to learners.
* Engaging activities are used to stimulate learners.
* Multiple intelligences are addressed.
* All learning modalities (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) are addressed.
* Tables arranged for group involvement.
* Ample and appropriate refreshments and hydration are offered.
* Vegetation (non-flowering plants) is present.
* Multiple types of training aids are used.
* Interactivity is expected and received by learners.
* Problem-solving and challenge are common.
* Props, toys, and rewards are used to aid learner motivation and create an
atmosphere of fun.

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