Monday, June 29, 2009

Postpartum resource

This is a resource that all Childbirth Educators should make note of and make sure the people in your classes are aware of it as well! Once a week there is a FREE phone support forum for asking questions and getting support hosted by Postpartum Support International.

From the website:
“Is it just the baby blues?”

“Am I the only one who feels this way?”

“What can I do to help my daughter?” or - your friend, your sister, or partner.

This is a place where moms, partners, extended family members, support people for moms, and professionals can find some answers and support from an expert - and from other women. You’ll find honest and compassionate talk about the adjustment to parenthood, information about mood changes during or after pregnancy, and some helpful advice.

I have been in touch recently with a researcher who is trying to find out how the emotions of postpartum are covered in a childbirth class and she wasn't able to find a lot of material. Some people mention it, others have a handout, some do a match up with signs of blues vs depression.

I have Kleenex tissue on my postpartum robe (which allows me to springboard into the topic) but the best presenter I have ever seen, who captured me was Pamela Shrock. It was in a large group and she came up in a simple robe holding a baby. In a very dramatic way she progressed from a new mom introducing us to her baby to a mom with sadness/blues to a depressed mom to one who then became psychotic... all the while she kept pleading as she went deeper and deeper- can't someone help me??
It brought tears to my eyes and I left there with a better awareness and a commitment to find ways have this critical topic integrated in a memorable way!

Here's the challenge - give postpartum mood changes more than lip service or a mention in a handout. Make sure everyone knows how and where and when to reach out for support! Do you do this creatively? Share!

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