Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inspirational educator

While this is not about a childbirth educator, he is a conductor. But he has so many "insight-filled" observations. If you can take a break and spend 15 minutes watching this, I think you will find gems of wisdom that you will be able to apply to your you "awaken the possibility" in each one of the people in your childbirth class! Benjamin Zander (I tried unsuccessfully to upload - oh well)

I had an 'aha' when he pointed out that the conductor doesn't make any sound to do what he does... maybe there's a lesson there for us CBEs.... can we orchestrate instead of lecture (or much harsher - dictate)

I was so frustrated when one unamed CB organization was sending our press releases that attendance was down in cb classes. I was fit to be tied! I love how he talks about the dangers in that type of spiraling down .... instead the focus would have been more positive to be talking about that over 1/2 of all pregnant women go to childbirth classes. And to use his word, "how fascinating is that!"

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  1. I loved it! What an inspiring man. Thanks for sharing it with us, Teri -- it has many practical applications.