Friday, June 19, 2009

Branching out - baby signing

In these tough economic times, the key to keep your income, might mean to diversify. I have always thought that teaching a baby sign class or infant massage or baby wearing were natural add ons! While you can only teach so many evening classes as there are only 7 night nights a week, the infant classes might be more flexible in their time slot.

Regardless of whether or not you teach a separate class, I hope as a CBE that you will consider highlighting baby sign, infant massage and baby wearing when you are covering infant topics. Plant the seeds. I know that many cb classes include sessions on bathing/diaper changing...but I know that most new parents won't be leaving the hospital without being shown how to do that. But I know they won't be taught about masssage/sign/wearing and so I incldue that instead. Could you show this 3 minute You Tube as a way to get baby sign on new parents' radar screen?

So what is the best program to be trained and supported to teach baby sign classes? Leave a comment!

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