Sunday, May 24, 2009

Research looks at CB education + birth satisfaction

For as long as childbirth education has been around, you would think there would be volumes of research documenting the benefits. Sadly there is not as much as I would expect.

I recently came upon an article that highlighted the recent work of Dr. Angelina Arcamore at Villanova University.

Initially she reviewed studies about birth satisfaction and concluded that a woman's sense of control, support from and confidence in caregivers and meeting expectations of childbirth all contribute to birth satisfaction. She further points out that dissatisfaction can affect a woman's emotional well-being, her future childbearing experience and even her risk level for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Her study included 158 women who had vaginal births in urban hospitals. 2/3 had attended formal cb classes. The demographics of those who attended vs those who did not were that they were older, better educated and in a relationship longer than those who did not. She used a "Gratification with Labor and Delivery" questionaire.

Now time for the drum roll: The only statistically significant predictor of satisfaction with childbirth was ATTENDING A CHILDBIRTH CLASS!

She noted that the many younger women are forgoing childbirth classes and are depending on the internet and TV. "Although this information often promotes misconceptions and increases anxiety."

Thanks to Marsha Rehms who reported on this in the CBEreporter from a session held at the 2008 AWHONN conference.

So how will you incorporate this information into your marketing message? Building on yesterday's blog post, I find myself humming "I can't get no satisfaction, but I try...."


  1. Sounds good! Has this been published, or should I be keeping an eye out for it?
    And where can I get in the loop with the CBEreporter?

  2. I am not aware of it being published but I have copied the editors of JPE to see if they might approach her for an article.

    CBEreporter is published by American Baby - the draw back is the American Baby still accepts formula ads so I don't get it for my childbirth classes. But Marsha Rehms does a nice job of highlighting issues important to CBEs.

  3. I don't get the CBE Reporter and a quick google search and a search of the American baby website has come up with nothing--is there any contact information/website on your copy that would help me register to get it? (I am not interested in handing our Am. Baby issues because of the formula ties)


  4. I have looked and there is nothing there - they even listed a website to access printable handouts and that kicked over to parents dot com and had no CBE handouts. I google Marsha Rehn's name and found nothing and then tried to look up a web based CBE conference they did last year and those pages are gone. Wish I could be more helpful! I will let you know if I find something...

  5. Thanks for following up on this, Teri! I'm very interested in learning more!

  6. AHA! The author's name was misspelled! Her name is Angelina Arcamone, not Arcamore!

  7. I will contact her and ask about publication.

  8. Just found this powerpoint slide set online, it has more details of the study: