Sunday, September 28, 2008

More news on Lamaze in China.

After posting the pictures in the earlier post from the Lamaze conference - I decided to go to the Oriental Babycare website and see if they were celebrating the relationship/agreement with Lamaze and sure enough, the picture of the Lamaze leadership and Lisa (Jia Jin) was there. Check it out I also "borrowed" a couple pictures of Lamaze classes found on the OBC website. I am so proud of what OBC is doing!

And here are some pictures I found of our training there last fall:

Of course, it's not all work and no play, this is Lisa and Mary Jo and I at the Great Wall!

We did a site visit to a nearby hospital to see an impressive Childbirth education classroom.

One of our trainers doing a great job on presenting breastfeeding (Baby Friendly hospitals are much more common there!)

Another trainer talking about the emotional changes in labor.

Hand massage is universal!

Labor support skills are important.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Passioneers rock!

Wanted to let you know how the "Passioneers" rocked at the recent Lamaze International Conference in Louisville! Passioneer = a member of the Passion for Birth Training team!

Sharon Dalrymple from Alberta, Canada is the recently elected President-elect for Lamaze!

Ann Tumblin received the International Award! She has led seminars/workshops in China, Romania, Korea! (pictured with now past president Allison Walsh)

Passioneer Robin Weiss (and baby Noa) was actually part of two groups honored - one was for the Normal Birth Advocate Award for the Birth Care Network in Louisville and the other award (President's Award) was for the CIMS Grassroots Action Committee (behind the Birth Survey)

Jia Jung (Lisa) and her company, Oriental Babycare in Beijing has signed a special agreement to grow Lamaze in China. Passion for Birth has been training childbirth educators there for many years and are delighted that OBC is so dedicated to expanding Lamaze there. (pictured with Allison and Lamaze I. executive director Linda Harmon)

Yours truly, Teri, received a Lamaze service award for being the conference chair. (and in true style, the hurricane aftermath knocked out the power in Louisville. As conference chair I dealt with hurricane impact in Ft. Lauderdale, Austin and now Lousiville.. They have asked me to do a keynote in Orlando next October - brave souls, they know my track record!) (current Lamaze president Pam Spry and Allison)

And Ann and I didn't really try to coordinate our outfits - we have just roomed together and done so many seminars together!

Other awards of note: Passioneer Kathy Chiocca nominated Johanna Gorab for Elisabeth Bing award, Passioner Carol Penn received a Board recognition award for her work on the board of directors, and Juliet Dietsch, DEM received the Marjorie Karmel award. Juliet is Passioneer Robin's midwife and most recently received Noa!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Laws of Learning

The way adults learn is always an intriguing topic for me. I liked reading the "Laws of Learning" written on the Thiagi website. Check them out and rate how your classes reflect/incorporate these laws: Thiagi Cruise around their site and you will find other gems!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birth Visualization

Found this on You Tube - ignore the commercial at the beginning (you could easily make a similar visualization slide show with other tools) but what a great thing (a personalized visual affirmation) to have to send home for each of the women in your class! You have to make sure you aren't stealing pics and get permission for music but....lots of potential!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We are family - pet program

As I travel I hear about how popular prenatal classes are that focuses on welcoming the baby to your family which includes pets. On my recent trip to Australia the Victoria state government has an all inclusive program with dvds that are available for childbirth classes. I tried to beg one from them but instead they sent me to their website, which is packed full of information:
We Are Family

If you are thinking about offering a program on baby and pets, they are a great resource.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Now I took the six words that describe what I see as the characteristics of care that supports normal birth!

Wordle tool

I discovered a new toy! I submitted my NACE conference blog post below and see what they did with my words? Wish I could figure out how to make the picture bigger! But if you click on it, it will take you to the Wordle site for a larger view!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Did you miss me?

I am still a bit bleary eyed from jet-lag but I have just returned from Australia! I was honored to be asked to do a keynote and a couple concurrent sessions at the National Association of Childbirth Educators (NACE) conference. And what a conference it was! Extraordinaire!! I can't even begin to list all the wonderful things - the conference itself was amazing and I was lucky enough to speak right after the warm-up/opening celebration of the Drum Cafe!

I was treated to a view of the Ocean Bay from my bed! I was impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the midwives and childbirth educators who attended. I tried to stay awake to dance the night away but alas, I forced my eyelids to stay open for dinner and one dance...time changes are hard to explain to your body! The organizing committee (all volunteers) did a great job with the theme "Educators Epicure: Recipes for Success." The theme included aprons and a special cookbook designed for the conference. I tried to join the theme and addressed Spicing Up Your Classes with a little "BAM" B.A.M. = Buzz, Awesome and Motivational, not the obvious Body And Mind.

On a personal level, I loved spending time with my dear friends at CAPERS Bookstore...Jan and Sarah and Jeff. I keep hoping they'll discover that I must be that long lost cousin and am actually part of the family! (the Queensland group of NACE have adopted me and I am honored. Hint to Cornfoots - now it's your turn!)

CAPERS Bookstore She has so many great books there - check it out!

I also spent an evening out with an incredible midwife and a close friend - Jenni Price...we went to see the play - Wicked! (Ozmopolitans and all!) Jenni is one of the most creative and passionate midwives and childbirth educators I know.... a sister on a separate continent! (And she shared a picture of us at her talk - 11 years ago - we were so young! We were doing a seminar in a small town south of Perth and were taking a cab to the seminar site....well, word came over the cab radio that a whale had been spotted and we diverted our cab - I can honestly say I have never whale watched since on my way to a seminar)

Well, time to try to go to sleep...