Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"The first intervention in birth, that a healthy woman takes, is when she walks out the front door of her home, in labour. From that first intervention, all others will follow".
Michael Rosenthal-Obstetrician

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sleep - so important in post partum

A new study has been released about who gets more sleep - breastfeeding moms or moms who are supplementing formula? Well despite what is often "sold" to moms that they will sleep more if they give formula, breastfeeding moms actually got more sleep! Here's the abstract:

About breastfeeding and sleep
: J Perinat Neonatal Nurs. 2007 Jul-Sep;21(3):200-6.
Breast-feeding increases sleep duration of new parents.

Doan T, Gardiner A, Gay CL, Lee KA. Department of Family Health Care Nursing, School of Nursing, University of California at San Francisco, CA 94143, USA.

OBJECTIVES: This study describes sleep patterns for mothers and fathers after the birth of their first child and compares exclusive breast-feeding families with parents who used supplementation during the evening or night at 3 months postpartum.
METHODS: As part of a randomized clinical trial, the study utilized infant feeding and sleep data at 3 months postpartum from 133 new mothers and fathers. Infant feeding type (breast milk or formula) was determined from parent diaries. Sleep was measured objectively using wrist actigraphy and subjectively using diaries. Lee's General Sleep Disturbance Scale was
used to estimate perceived sleep disturbance.
RESULTS: Parents of infants who were breastfed in the evening and/or at night slept an average of 40-45 minutes more than parents of infants given formula. Parents of infants given formula at night also self-reported more sleep disturbance than parents of infants who were exclusively breast-fed at night.
CONCLUSIONS: Parents who supplement their infant feeding with formula under the impression that they will get more sleep should be encouraged to continue breast-feeding because sleep loss of more than 30 minutes each night can begin to affect daytime functioning, particularly in those parents who return to work.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Impressive option - Acupuncture

What a treat to see that acupuncture is available at this medical center! (and I love the very cute tag line!) Read about the service they offer Free childbirth acupuncture.

This service has been part of a larger study so be sure to check out the information and resources available here Childbirth Acupuncture

Wouldn't it be great if this choice was available at every birthing hospital?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby wearing

Stacey.Karmababy has posted (on a slide share website) a beautiful collection of babywearing around the globe. Seems like the right to do - moms and babies together!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Check out Harriette's site

Harriette Hartigan's website

Ah birth in the summer! What timing! My friend, Harriette Hartigan, and I both launched our updated websites in the same time frame - we jokingly commented they were twins from different mothers - as we both labored long on these! And they are both in their infancy.

Harriette has a true gift of how she sees the world and shares what she captures in pictures. She has a powerful commitment to the wonderfulness of birth and the importance of welcoming babies. Her vision is huge and birth is only a fraction.

What I appreciate the most in addition to her work and contagious laugh is her openness. I was a newbie childbirth educator who had been admiring Harriette's work for awhile and when I was passing through her home town of Ann Arbor, I don't know how I got the guts but I contacted her to see if I could take her out to dinner and she accepted! And that started a friendship I treasure.

So if there is someone who has impacted your work with birth, don't hesitate to let them know.....even invite them out to a dinner!

Monday, July 21, 2008

gasping for air

Stacie Bingham forwarded a blog link about this new tool to further immobilize women during labor. The True Face of Birth And I am gasping for air... yes I have been ranting that too many vaginal exams are often done but never in my wildest days would I think a solution would be to have a clip into the baby's head and two to a woman's cervix. Then ultrasound measurement would track progress on a screen right next to her. All while she sits in bed in a semi-recumbent position - aarrgh!

There is more information on Birth Activist where a Birth Activist talks to a company representative. The tool's website is BirthTrack.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

uplifting but non-birth related!

I have been working on redesigning the Passion for Birth Website and have tried to have tunnel vision and just focus on that. But Susan Martensen forwarded me this You Tube video (and it may be old news to you) but it made me smile! What a world we live in! I hope we can all live our dreams like Matt is.