Monday, August 18, 2008

Think about adding this tool

There is never enough time in a childbirth class. We all know it. Sometimes we have to weave topics into each other to get everything covered. I just heard about these shirts This Side Up I have ordered one and will use on the doll I use to demonstrate baby wearing and breastfeeding etc. They actually come in newborn size (so many other shirts with messages start at 6 - 9 mos size) I also love that it says "This side up WHEN SLEEPING!" Babies need belly time when they are alert and taking in the world around them.

And yes when you go to the site you will notice one of the ways to reduce SIDS risk is breastfeeding but a bottle icon is used, so I am sending them a nice note suggesting they use the International Breastfeeding symbol instead. (side note: I used short hand when I "googled" to find the Breastfeeding symbol and used International BF symbol. I never knew there was an International Butch-Femme symbol that came up instead) Breastfeeding Symbol

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