Monday, August 18, 2008

Go Vertical to Save Lives!

Kathy Chiocca sent me a link to this article about Vertical Birth in Peru. Peru Embraces Vertical Birth To Save Lives

Apparently they have realized that: "Western science is unaware of the priorities and needs of women, particularly rural women, who consider childbirth a natural event and do not think changes to the traditional vertical delivery are needed," the ministry said in a small book extolling the benefits of standing during childbirth.

And they also support: The centers let women squat, sit or leave their long skirts on during childbirth -- another typical Andean practice -- instead of putting on a hospital gown. Many clinics are painted in soft, warm colors to make the women feel more at home.

Check out the links to the pictures and the videos.

Now if we could all the providers of the world to support women to stand up and give birth!

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