Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Public comment time!

The National Quality Forum on the Obstetric and Neonatal Measures has released what they feel are important things to measure and want public review and comment. It's important for you to comment before June 11.

NQF comment In the left side bar, click on: Comment on National Voluntary Consensus Standards for Perinatal Care OR View Submitted Comment

So what is this all about? From the NQF website:

Pregnancy and childbirth is the second most common reason for hospital admission. Morbidity and mortality associated with pregnancy and childbirth is substantial and, evidence suggests, is largely preventable through the delivery of high quality perinatal care and adherence to evidence-based guidelines. To date, however, NQF has endorsed very few consensus standards that assess the quality of care for mothers and babies. The purpose of this project is to achieve voluntary consensus on a set of performance measures that can be used to assess the quality of perinatal care in the United States. In March and April 2008, the Perinatal Care Steering Committee reviewed 33 candidate performance standards and recommends 18 for NQF endorsement.

Childbirth Connection has identified concerns about five of the measures recommended for endorsement. So if you are thinking about commenting (come on, be active!) Read here: NQF Comment. Read background about what all this means and Childbirth Connection's letter and draft report here: childbirthconnection.org The five concerns are:
1) the percentage of C-sections among low-risk women giving birth for the first time;
(2) the percentage of elective deliveries prior to 39 completed weeks' gestation;
(3) hospital support of breastfeeding;
(4) rate of episiotomy; and
(5) the percentage of infants screened for jaundice prior to hospital discharge.

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