Monday, June 02, 2008

Marketing benefits...not features!

As I am getting more and more concerned about the price of travel (and added fees for all the luggage I haul) I find that I am looking at marketing with a whole new light! And while I was looking through the piles of files, Molly Gordon's (authentic promotion) wise words surfaced. It was an old worksheet that was titled "It's About Them: Talk about the Benefits, not the Features" For a long time in seminars I have been talking about WIIFM for childbirth classes - What's In It For Me (participant.) And we need to make sure our marketing materials as childbirth educators focus on the benefits (WIIFM) not the features (ie not the topic list but what they will have at the end of the class series.)

Interestingly, the worksheet had the Lamaze Care Practices for Normal Birth on one side of the table listed as features with space on the other side to re-write them as benefits.

So currently Lamaze is promoting:
Labor Begins on Its educators we need to focus on the benefit which could be written as Be confident your baby is ready to be born while making labor easier.
Care practice: Freedom of Movement throughout labor. Refocus on the benefit: Shorten your labor and feel in control.
Care Practice: Continuous labor support vs Feel continuously supported.

Now it's your turn to see how you would focus on the benefits for the other three: No routine interventions, non-supine positions for birth and no separation of mother and baby after birth. I'll post my versions later!

Molly has a ton of great resources on her website and I would encourage you to sign up for her ezine! And I am working through her book and gaining a lot! E-zine

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  1. I briefly scanned the web link.. it looks like there is a treasure trove of excellent information there! Thanks for sharing and I book marked it so I could read and refer to it completely.