Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Storing breastmilk and making baby food

I don't usually endorse commercial products but there are a few out there that I think Childbirth Educators should be aware of....and freshbaby is one of them! Their website is Fresh Baby

I was originally intrigued by their breastmilk storage trays pictured above which seems like an easy option and a good alternative to the storage bags. Cheryl at Freshbaby was nice enough to send me a sample box of the whole babyfood kit. I just finished watching the dvd and was quite impressed! It makes making your own baby food look healthy, easy and tasty! They are so thorough! The lidded cube trays are solid, the book is full of ideas and space to personalize, there is a laminated quick reference sheet and their personal, attentive "customer service" is superb! They do have info packs that are available to Childbirth Educators - so contact them if you are interested!

I am a strong advocate for NOT marketing within your class but I do think there is space to recommend things that will improve your baby's health! Sometimes it's useful to have a table of tips and tricks and have materials available for people to take if they are interested as opposed to handing something out to everyone. To me it feels better and less pushy....maybe it's the retired "Le Leche League leader in me...take what fits and works for you and leave the rest!"

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