Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pregtastic podcast about Lamaze

Thought I would share a new resource that I just discovered - it's pregtastic! It's a weekly podcast format that invites various experts and resources to the table (airwaves?) to talk with a panel of pregnant women. These women also share what is happening to them as they journey through their pregnancies.

Of course the one that caught my ear was about Lamaze. Gerri Ryan did a great job of explaining it's not all about the breathing, describing the acronym B.R.A.I.N. and how Lamaze is not a method but a philosophy and the six care practices that promote normal birth. You can go to itunes and search for Pregtastic - the download is free and there are 80 of them at least to choose from. Lamaze is focused on # 74. The first part of the session features an actor from "Under the Belly" and then a short check in with how the pregnant women on the panel are doing, a preview of the next podcast and Gerri starts after the 30 minute mark! Or you can go to the Pregtastic website and find the same episode. Pregtastic

But podcasts are a great media we as childbirth educators should probably consider and provide more - it can be downloaded and listened to when these pregnant women are on the go or listened to when they are multitasking on the computer!

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