Sunday, January 06, 2008

A fun evening with Juno

As some of you may know December and parts of January have been challenging - having to cancel an opportunity to speak at a Birth India conference due to a delayed passport/visa issue the drove me crazy and the nightmares of a non-refundable ticket; a weird, sudden and intense illness that made plane travel impossible to the UK with a follow up test that made waiting for the pathology report more stressful than I would have predicted (came back clear - whew!) and then realizing that my father-in-law's battle for his health was not going to be won and he was buried this things were challenging and crummy for the end of 07 and the beginning of 08 but hopefully the cloud has moved on. (Of course the mountain of paperwork/requests/orders/annual reports due is so high, I can't see over it to see the clear sky - yet!)

But I know you don't read this blog to hear about my trials and tribulations but I shared that in case you are waitng for something from me - it's on its way! (or will be very soon) But last night my 16 year old daughter and I went to see the movie "Juno" and had a very delightful time - (of course in true 16 year old style I think she was relieved it wasn't showing in our town and we had to go towards Seattle to see it....being seen going to the movies with your mother is so not cool at this age!)

I totally enjoyed watching it and the discussion afterwards - I highly recommend it - (of course we all would have done the birth scene differently but that wasn't the focus of the movie) I loved the conversations - I liked Juno's creative/independent and ultimately responsible view of the world...of course it felt too Hollywoodish at points but it was exactly the escape I needed last night - hope you get a chance to watch it!

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