Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lamaze certification results are in!

This is always a time for celebration as people learn that they have successfully passed the Lamaze certification exam and can proudly add LCCE after their name! Like a new mom, I am so proud!

As they let me know, I hear such excitement and enthusiasm. I haven't asked permission to post their proud announcements so I have removed any id factors....but join me in letting them know they have done an incredible job to complete the certification process!!!

From Canada:
* "It took me a few hours before I finally checked the results.....I passed too. I feel like a young girl again...what a great feeling of accomplishment. Thank you so much Teri for the wonderful workshop you brought here and the passion you instilled in both of us."
* "I passed! Thanks for all of your support Teri."*

From India:
* "Hi Teri! I passed the exam. thanks alot for your help and guidance."
* "I passed, too. phew!!"

From the US:
* "Thanks Teri for all the help you gave us. Your questions made a big difference and got me very well prepared for this exam. I passed. Yippee!"
* "I'm so excited. I just checked the Lamaze website and the exam results were
up- dramatic pause- I PASSED!!!!!!!!! Yeah! I just needed to share. I'll talk to you soon."
* "As you may know, the results from the April Lamaze Certification exam
were release and I did pass!! I figured I would, but there is always
that shadow of doubt. So it is with relief that I can now say I am
Lamaze Certified!"

Where is the time going?

As I once again shocked by the length of time between my blog posts, I have to pause and think where has the time gone? I have been on the road and met a great group of folks in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota - a lot had travelled quite a distance - Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota. The mix was great: labor and birth nurses, doulas, health department educators and moms!

But while I am still trying to dig out of the paperwork back log that hampers me from posting on a regular basis and getting the PfB newsletter out...I wanted to make sure you all knew about a great, FREE down loadable handout - "Comfort in Labor - How you Can Help Yourself to a Normal Satisfying Childbirth" by Penny Simkin. It's 14 pages and awesome! Go to Childbirth Connection and make sure the people in your classes know about it! Thanks Penny and Childbirth Connection for making it so accessible!