Saturday, May 26, 2007

long time between blogs

Where has the time gone - I decided to take a break from "blogging" and focus on grading the back-log of course designs I have received. I am nearly caught up! I finally have a system set up - so as soon as a course design is sent in, I am able to send it back out within a week unless I am on the road! (Waiting for your course design, send me a note!)

Speaking of being on the road, April and May are busy months for seminars. I have been to Indianapolis, Portland and my favorite place to have a seminar, Topsail Beach in North Carolina. Ann Tumblin, a PfB trainer has a home there and the group rents condos. We even change the schedule to have mid-afternoon beach time!

Here are a couple photos (they have the wrong date, they were taken last week!) These are from the peer teaching session - the "teach-backs" were awesome - Ann and were reassured that these folks will NOT be having BORING classes. The pictures include the tool belt, breastfeeding, getting the monkey off your back in labor and using signs in a clarification exercise.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blog tipping and placental remedy (and the View and arbitrary birth)

Don't you just love those days when you learn something new? Of course it helps when your flowers are blooming and the sun is out and you have lunch with amazing birth/breastfeeding/baby/family people (splurged and went to the Within Reach fundraising/awards ceremony in Seattle) Within Reach

With that said, I also learned two things via the web today. This whole concept of blog tipping - apparently on the first day of the month, bloggers find three other bloggers and give them each three good compliments and a gentle "tip." I was blog-tipped for the first time this month - see the comment on the post from yesterday!
I can't wait until June 1 - will be blog tipping with the rest of them! In the meantime I went to the blog of my "tipper" and I recommend it -
vbac adventure Kendra will be welcoming a new baby this summer! Let's send her warm affirmations and follow her vbac adventure!

The other thing I learned about was Placenta Remedy - I am very accustomed to hearing lots of creative things people have done with their placentas - from burying to stewing. Just "google" placentas sometime. For some people, doing anything with a placenta but putting it in a biohazard bag and having it taken away is "out there." But remember, the major purchaser of placentas many years ago was the make-up industry. Women have been wiping placentas on their cheeks for years!! With that said, homeopathy has always intrigued me. On the Australia midwife list I am on, someone recommended this site: Placental Remedy to learn how to make a specific homeopathic remedy from the placenta of your baby. I never knew how it was done and now I do!!

And to think I was going to start this entry with a link to see clips from Ricki Lake's time on The View to talk about her birth and her new documentary. Watch here: Ricki and the View

And then Robin Weiss sent me a link to a dad's blog where he describes a contest to have a baby at 02:03:04 on 05/06/07! Arbitrary birth to win a car

One never knows what one will find on the internet! I am glad you found me today!

So I am heading to Portland to do a seminar - this longer than normal blog may have to be it for this week!