Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to the world

Paivi and her family welcomed a daughter on Saturday! Paivi attended the Passion for Birth at the Lamaze conference in Phoenix this September. She lives in Finland. Her story is amazing - one of those intense but fast labors that happens quicker than expected and before the midwife gets there! What was it like before cell phones? They make it so much easier for updating and over the phone support.

Her pictures are so gorgeous and were taken by Kati Molin, her sister. She has a wonderful eye! Don't you wish every woman would have a picture like the one of Paivi above - filled with pride, in awe, and confident! Paivi writes "It was quite exciting and peaceful at the same time. Well, I only had contractions for 45minutes or so and was still full of energy. My 6 year old daughter and sister opened up a bottle of sparkling strawberry wine and then we had some tea and coffee together.

The birth was not quite as I had anticipated, but it was quite awesome anyway! It was great to just let it happen, like birth should be I guess."

Paivi and her sister have a great store and on-line shop at: Bebes
I ordered this dvd through her store and showed part of it in my session on Second stage at the conference: Inner Strength

Paivi - Thanks for sharing your inspirational story!

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