Sunday, September 23, 2007

sometimes you just have to shake your head

I belong to a couple doula, lactation consultant and childbirth educator listservs. The other day someone shared her recent experience at a birth where a woman had gone in for an ultrasound on a Friday and was told her baby weighed 7 lbs. On Sunday she had a quick and easy birth of a 10 lb. baby - less than a half hour from when she called the doula thinking she might be in labor until the baby was born. (second baby) When the doctor saw the baby, she said something like "TEN POUNDS! YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD A C-SECTION!" This was after seeing this easy (but intense, no-doubt) birth. But how could this doctor have thought it had been a mistake to give birth without surgery. Baffling in so many ways. Hopefully the doctor is unique in thinking this and does not representative most Obstetricians.


  1. Oh my!!!! I'm glad that the doctor only opened his mouth after the baby was born, otherwise she might have had a c-section after all, just for the fact that he used such discouraging words :(

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