Thursday, April 05, 2007


April is Cesarean Awareness month. On their website: ICAN they describe how to make the ribbon and why it is upside down.
The Cesarean Awareness Ribbon debuted in April of 2004 for Cesarean Awareness Month. The burgundy color of the ribbons represents birth and the wearing of the ribbon upside down symbolizes the state of distress many pregnant women find themselves in when their birthing choices are limited. The loop of the inverted ribbon represents a pregnant belly and the tails are the arms of a woman outstretched in a cry for help.

*To make your own CAM ribbon, use sku#310815, item# M10141, BASIC BASIC Woven Double-sided satin burgundy ribbon from Michaels Stores* Cross arms pointing up and hot glue a pin on or use a straight pin.

Check to see if there is ICAN chapter near you.

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