Friday, April 06, 2007

A birth story and a story about carrots

Today I got an email from someone going through the Passion for Birth program and she commented: "I read your birth story in Journey into Motherhood - which will be required reading for my classes- Great story!" It's always a treat when someone shares that they read your story. ("Our story" actually, the birth of my daughter.) That was easy to write and I am grateful that Sherri collected positive birth stories and made them available to balance all the scary stories about birth that are out there!

Another place where I have written a family story (not a birth story) appears in a cookbook. My family who knows I hate to cook cracks up with the idea that I have something in a cookbook! It started out as a submission to the FamilyFun Magazine describing a tradition we started: planting special carrot seeds to be dug up in the winter for snowmen's noses. I received a small payment for that submission. They then decided to use the story in a sidebar in the cookbook and asked permission and sent a free copy of the cookbook and another payment - that was 10 years ago. Well they are re-publishing the cookbook and tracked me down - I have moved from WV to CO to CA to MO during that time - and sent me an even bigger check and a promise of a copy of the new cookbook in exchange for being allowed to reprint! And I will continue to amaze my family and friends that I am published in a cookbook! Sounds like a reason to go out to eat tonight to celebrate, eh?

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