Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Teaching tool idea

I volunteer as conference chair for Lamaze International. When we gather to choose sessions we fill the walls with index cards and juggle them from time slot to time slot. The strength of the Lamaze conference is that not only do we have 5 keynote topics - we also offer 42 (!) smaller concurrent sessions. No other organization offers that much - there is something for everyone in every sense!

Posting things on the wall is a common teaching strategy. I use Post-it (tm) notes and have people write what will make this seminar or childbirth class or breastfeeding course a success for them. People generate other ideas that get posted throughout the course. Sometimes the life of the Post-it note is shorter than I need! So I was tickled pink when friend Crystal Young send me this blog that shows a great, easy to make tool. I am stopping by the material store soon to make one!
Index card idea Scroll down to January 30 "Sticky Idea"

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